At Cinthus, we take great pride in ensuring that our products are made from only the finest ingredients in the world, we manually select each ingredient and carefully process it in small batches to ensure that each time you purchase our products they exceed the standards you’ve come to expect from us.

While buying a counterfeit bag may look like an act with no consequence to you, when it comes to skincare or personal products, you are actually risking more than you think. What you get in a counterfeit product will be ineffective but it could also be damaging as skin absorbs everything you apply on it. It’s simply not worth the risk.

By purchasing authentic Cinthus products you will enjoy the benefits of exceptional products that come from commitment to results, quality and extensive research.

We are working on measures to make it easier for you to spot counterfeit products, but as of right now, the most effective way to ensure you are buying authentic Cinthus products is to always purchase from our flagship online store at or from one of our select retail partners listed on our website.

If you suspect your product is counterfeit, pleas notify us immediately by using our Personal Assistant service. Please note that we are unable to guarantee an item purchased outside of an official Cinthus point of sale.